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I Want To Know My Future
by Linda Dipman
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What do you do when your family, friends and church turn against you? What happens when everything you were taught by your church and family about God is suddenly turned upside down and has to change in order for you to survive? This is a true life story! Every chapter keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next! “I want to know my Future?” Elizabeth pleaded as she was thrown in jail, denied justice and deprived of her children by an unjust Judge. She was attacked by members of her own church. Her life became a living hell and her only hope of reprieve came from the supernatural intervention of the Almighty God. “My Ways are not human ways. Trust in Me, God has Spoken!” Elizabeth studied the words that were at the end of every written message. She read her Bible and sought scriptures to understand what it all meant. She prayed and within the chaos of her life she found an unbreakable faith in God. She held the hand of God and He took her life and preformed miracles. He gave her supernatural strength, confidence and a determination to stand up to everyone who rose up to fight against her.

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The Game of Life: It's Almost Over
by Linda Dipman

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God Spoke to me and this is what He said!  
Do you ever wonder why bad things happen?  
Why did a hurricane kill so many people?  
Why did I lose my job?  How many times have
you blamed God?  Now, what if I told you that
you are in a huge multifaceted game?  A
game where you are the hero battling spiritual
forces of evil.  I must be joking, let me prove it
to you!  In "The Game Of Life It's Almost
Over", I will answer the question, why?  I will
reveal the true purpose for each experience
you go through.  I will use my life as an
illustration to show you the veil of darkness
and demonstrate to you the battle between
good versus evil.  More importantly, I will
explain why the game is about to end!   Yes,
the clock is ticking down to the very last
second!  Are you playing your game of life to
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