Destined To Believe
By Linda C Dipman

   The waves of the ocean caressed the sea shore bringing a glistening wake in its path.   I was
seven years old and all smiles as the preacher called my name and a man led me out into the water
to be Baptized.

   I was among fifty others who were pledging their lives to follow Jesus Christ.  My best friend and I
went forward in church together.  And we were both excited for this day to come.

   A week before the minister came to our house and informed mom of my decision.  She was
hesitant until I appeared in front of them all and proclaimed that I wanted to be baptized.  Later I
gathered all of my friends and we loudly sang "Jesus Loves Me" as we ran gleefully through the

   We lived in a duplex that was part of the Navy housing number C9b San Patricio.  Dad was a chief
petty officer stationed in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He was a captain of his own tug boat.

   Dad took my brother and I a couple of times out on his tug boat and I remember how everyone
would do whatever dad said.  They even brought us chocolate milk and let us fish right off the boat's
bow.  I especially liked it when dad would let me steer the boat, it was so much fun!

   From the moment of my baptism to my present day life I have been fully devoted to God.  I've
never thought of straying.  Following God was not an option it was my purpose.

   From prayer to Bible study to a dedication to my church, I believed.  It was as if knowing God was
my destiny.  I pushed each of my siblings to declare their faith through baptism.  I watched as each
of my children were baptized.  And when the time comes for my grandchildren to make that pledge of
faith, I will be right by their sides.

   Believing in Jesus Christ as my Savior was in me and a part of me.  It was just me.  I had to believe!

   Isaiah 49:1&2, "Listen to me, distant nations, you people who live far away!  Before I was born, the
Lord chose me and appointed me to be his servant.  He made my words as sharp as a sword.  With
his own hand he protected me.  He made me like an arrow, sharp and ready for use."

   This pretty much sums me up.  God made me before I was ever born to follow Him.  He put me in
this world to proclaim my faith in Jesus Christ.  He put me here so I would be a light for those who do
not understand that God is Love.

   We live in a very complicated world.  A place where people have been given the power to do
whatever they choose.  A world where the Lord releases His Christian soldiers to do battle against
the evil's of this world for Him.

   This is the reason why I know that I was not just created by the desire of my parents.  I was
created to do work for God's glory.  To announce to all who will listen that God is love and He
created me to tell others about Him.

   Our world is a fallen world and the prince of this world is Satan.  Satan roams the face of the world
capturing people and keeping them from understanding the purpose of their existence.

   Satan was given the power to tempt all people and to deceive them into serving the world apart
from God.  Jesus came to stop the devils work by suffering and dying for our sins.  He opened an
easier way to believe in God by giving us a voice from within our being.

   John 15:26-27, "The Helper will come-the Spirit, who reveals the truth about God and who comes
from the Father.  I will send him to you from the Father, and he will speak about me.  And you, too,
will speak about me because you have been with me from the very beginning."

   Just before Jesus was to die for the sins of the world, He taught His disciples one last time about
why He came.  His death was to bring a bright shining light of understanding into the hearts of all
those who were with Him from the very beginning of time.

   He proclaims that God's chosen children were with Him from the very beginning.  Proving that our
world is a huge multifaceted game.  A game where we must battle and defeat evil and win our world
for God and good.  A game where we are here to be Christian soldiers who will fight against Satan
and his converts.

   Adam and Eve released Satan into the world when they desired to understand the difference
between good and evil.  They were destined to do this.  Our world was made for the purpose of
gaining knowledge and wisdom that can only be achieved through world tests

   Everything about this world is clouded in order that all people can achieve life fulfilling goals.  A
quest to prove that goodness, love and justice can prevail in a dark and evil world.

   Jesus came as a light to all God's children so they would find Him at the proper time in their lives.  
A time where they would come to revelations over their life purpose.

   Each of us has a destiny and a call.  As we begin to find the light we learn by our journey and the
whisper of the Holy Spirit within our being.  God implants His will into our hearts so we will do battle
for Him.

   A battle that is designed to defeat all of the suffering and pain that Satan has released into the
world.  An army of Christian Soldiers who stand strong against Satan and help the poor, persecuted,
and mistreated of this world.

   Sin is not knowing God.  We must conquer the sin of this world and break through the barriers of
darkness and walk into the light.  Light is Jesus Christ and the revelations He brings to the world.

   Jesus gives us the ability to be able to stand strong against the evil attacks of Satan.  With Jesus
we conquer the evils of this world with love.

   John 1:1-5, "Before the world was created, the Word already existed; he was with God, and he
was the same as God.  From the very beginning the Word was with God.  Through him God made all
things; not one thing in all creation was made without him.  The word was the source of life, and this
life brought light to mankind.  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it

   These scriptures refer to Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the light of the world.  He brings understanding
into the hearts of all those who are destined to do battle for God against the evil found in this world.

   Our world had to have darkness in it, in order that people would follow the rules of engagement.  
Our lack of understanding helps us to fight battles throughout our lifetime for God moment by

   God set up our world so we would learn the lessons that Jesus Christ came to plainly teach us.  
His example of loving those who hurt him help us to stand strong against the opposition we face and
to turn the hate of this world into love.

   Isaiah 50:4-6, "The Sovereign Lord has taught me what to say, so that I can strengthen the weary.
 Every morning he makes me eager to hear what he is going to teach me.  The Lord has given me
understanding, and I have not rebelled or turned away from him.  I bared my back to those who beat
me.  I did not stop them when they insulted me, when they pulled out the hairs of my beard and spit
in my face."

   I proclaim that everything that I have suffered in this life can not compare with the knowledge I
have gained.  I know I came to this world to do battle for God.  I know that my life purpose was always
to proclaim the Love of God.

   As a young child I began to see the light of Jesus.  I proclaimed my Savior to my friends.  I invite
you to place your trust in Him and Believe.  You know you were destined for it!