Where In The World Is God?
By Linda C Dipman
    Why do people think that God is allusive? Why do people think He's never there when you need Him most?
Why are people constantly complaining that He doesn't hear me when I pray anymore! How can I find God? Where
did God go?

    Our world is constantly under conflicts with wars here and rumors of wars there. Terror comes quickly when bills
can't be paid. Fear mounts and explodes with questions of "why me?" Multitudes of people are crying out all in
unison the same question. Where is God? Where did He go?

    The churches are empty with no one in the pews. The people are not interested in God. They are out in there
new cars and decorating there houses and as far as they are concerned they don't need Him. So the answer to
the questions of where is God and where did He go, maybe it isn't about Him leaving, but the people are leaving

    Too many people are crying and suffering in poor countries. They have lost all hope in human kind. And God
looks down on their suffering and wonders if any of them will ever ask Him for help. It's not that God isn't there for
the people. It's because people have stopped talking to God.

    No one needs God anymore. They think that what is in this world is all there is. So they fight and they push and
shove to get what they want and they never ask God for His direction. They don’t need God to help them. All they
need is a better place to live, a better job, or maybe a new house will solve the emptiness they feel inside.

    They work hard at their jobs. They spend their money on expensive vacations. They pay for the best schools
for their children. They invest in their retirements and build huge nest eggs. Thinking that everything they do will
better there chances to make them feel happy and secure.

    If people have the ability to make themselves happy then why are more than twenty million people depressed in
the United States alone? Why are so many people who have money feel alone and abandoned?

    Why are people rising up against each other? Why are there murders and wars? Why are so many people
hurting and suffering? Why is there cancer and so many terrible diseases? Where is God? Where did He go?

    I have an answer for all people. Maybe our world isn't supposed to be our home. Maybe we are sent here to
grow and change. Maybe our world is a game!!!

    If this is the case and our world is a game, I better get moving and find out how to play. From the moment of my
discovery, I started putting one foot forward and then the next and soon I began to see my world in a completely
different way.

    If I am in a game then maybe I need to understand how this game works. Every game has opponents. So I must
have the same here in this huge multifaceted game. So in order to play with my head I need to understand the

    That is the reason why I need to find God. God will answer my questions about this life quest I am on.
Immediately I realized that to play this game I must find the manual. Could it be that the answers to my questions
are easily found in the Bible?

    Turning the pages of my Bible, I discovered how our world was formed out of nothing and how God made
people. Then I saw the temptation led by Satan in the form of a snake. Could it be that I found my adversary in this

    Could it be that understanding that there would be times in my life when I would have to make choices. That
being tempted was part of the life game I had to learn. I had to conquer sin, that's what God told Cain. I had to
master my game and stand up against the evil forces that are fighting to keep me from winning my game.

    The rules started embedding themselves in my mind, changing how I was to look at life. I am not to allow the
things of this world to tempt me into thinking they are necessary for me to be happy.  I must be an independent
thinker. A person who knows that the wars and the uncertainty of life come from trying to hold onto a world that is

    Now I was changed. I no longer sought the things of this world to bring me happiness. Instead I chose to better
myself in this world by doing good to people and committing my way to God. I chose to put aside the desires for
this world and what it has to offer. I chose to live my life for God.

    No longer am I asking the question of where is God? No longer am I asking the question where did He go?
Because now I know that He lives in me and that the battle I am facing in this world maybe hard, but it's winnable
when I call on Jesus' name.

    I know that God is on my side and that every trial I face can be conquered when I am aware that I am in a great
game of life. Wars and rumors of wars will happen. Suffering and pain will happen. Because trials teach people
how to care.

    Knowing that I am on a personal quest, helps me to grow and change. Knowing the answer for my everyday
dilemmas help's me to focus on the prize of Heaven and not on the pain.

    I must be a genius to have figured this out or may be it was because I needed a reason for living. All the houses
I've owned and the cars I have driven never filled me up in the inside like knowing my Father in Heaven.  

    I will not allow myself to become discouraged. Because I know that when the world ends and my game is no
more, I will be proud that I stood my ground and learned how to play the greatest and hardest game that has ever
been played.  The Game of life and It's Almost Over.