I’m Not Jewish
By Linda Dipman

   When you talk about the Holy Spirit, you talk about an enhancement to a person's ability to understand
the Spiritual parts of life in a completely different way.

   The Religious Right believes that every word printed in the modern day Bible should be followed
completely.  Jesus taught that love supersedes all the Laws handed down by Moses.  

   He healed people on the Sabbath and harvested grain if He was hungry.  He associated with tax
collectors, prostitutes and criminals.

   Love was the key to following Jesus' message about God.  Love surpassed every Law of Moses.  Love
made what the Jewish teachers of His time furious with the message of Grace.

   Twenty years ago God called me to serve Him.  He gave me a very pointed message that stated,  "My
Ways Are Not Human Ways, Trust In Me, God has Spoken."

   I didn't understand these words at first. But as the years passed and many trials changed my
perspective, I learned to lean on God and not on how I was taught to follow God through the Religious

   You see I had to change.  Because I am a woman and I fell in love with a woman.  I could no longer hold
onto what I was humanly taught was the right way to serve Christ.  

   I had to hold onto God and learn through the Holy Spirit the right way to live according to how God made
me.  I had to allow love to guide me in my quest to understand the difference between who really is God
and what are the teachings handed down by people.

   Probably the simplest way I handled my gayness was this fact, I am not Jewish, I am a Gentile by birth.  
So when it states in the Laws of Moses that being homosexual is wrong, well I wasn’t born Jewish so this
Law doesn' apply to me.

   Isn't it funny how your perspective on life can change when your different from the norm. Especially
when your family, church and even your own children hate you because you now love differently.

   It's been twenty years and looking back on my life I began to understand how being gay freed me from
the Religious Right and made me be an independent thinker.  I didn't look to people for answers anymore,
I looked to God alone.

   You see I learned to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and I learned to pray.  I dove into Biblical books
on history, religion, and books left out of the Bible.  I wanted to understand why the church hated gay
people so much.

   I read books on the Jewish people and I came to a book that opened my mind and my Spirit to yet
another path that lead me down to a new revelation. A book that presented a conundrum.

   Did you know that there are Jewish synagogues with priests that are Homosexuals?  Does the Religious
Right know that these churches exist?  

   If our Christian faith is based on the Judeo-Christian Bible, then shouldn't their rules apply across the
board?  I may not be Jewish, but it seems that it doesn't make a difference even to the Jews that I am gay.

   Why are gay people being persecuted by the Christian community?  Why are lies about us being
sinners constantly bombarding the church?  I must say, I really don't understand this unless people aren't
listening to God, but to people instead.

   So many people trust the church to teach them about truth.  They allow doctrine to make them throw out
their parents, children, and friends.

   They throw love to the wolves and narrow their worlds to Latin Masses.  Masses where they can't even
understand the scriptures that are being spoken.  They call this holding onto their religion.  But isn't this
really just not wanting to understand?

   So here I am a gay woman wondering why the church has been given permission to hate gay people.  
Why are good people allowing others to think for them?

   Our world has to be a game.  Because people don't make sense at all in how they believe.  There must
be some evil presence that keeps people in the dark and makes them blind to the truth.

   You see if our world is a game then it explains why love is being ignored.  If we are in a game then their
must be a force of evil.  We must be tested through concepts that lead us down paths of learning the
difference between right and wrong.  

   We must go through the fire of this world in order to obtain a truth. A fire that will teach us to love
beyond what people may say is right.  A life experience that makes us lean on God and learn from Him
alone and not people!

   So this is my truth, I am not Jewish.  My faith is based on love.  I listen to God and determine my path in
this world through the Holy Spirit that lives in me and guides me in this multifaceted life game.  "The Game
of Life and It's Almost Over".

   God made all people.  Yet today we persecute people in order to justify the doctrine handed down by
the church fathers.  Why is this happening?