Love Is The Key To The World
By Linda C Dipman

     Looking at the complexities of our world is to be totally amazed.  From the way our world is
balanced with just the right amount of natural wonders to the array of wildlife and the positioning of
each and every country in our expansive world.

     The stars and the moon light up our planet at night and the sun brings rays of light into our day.  
Every part of our world is miraculous and wonderfully made.

     The most incredible part of our world is the people themselves.  It is awesome to think how we are
formed in our mothers wombs.  But most of all it's a mystery on how we even begin to come to know
about God.

     God is our creator.  God formed us for a purpose.  God made us different by appointing us to live
in different countries, cultures, lifestyles and a wide variety of families.

     Twenty years ago God singled me out.  He began by teaching me to be humble.  The way He
humbled me was to make me gay.

     You see I was a Bible believing Southern Baptist.  To be gay was the 'kiss of death' at least to the
church I was serving.  Very quickly I understood what being humble was all about when my family,
church, and even my community turned against me.

     My children were taken from me.  I was jailed, assaulted, and denied justice in the courts.  My own
father wanted to kill me.  All because I was in love with a woman.

     God said I would not be able to go through the persecution I would face if He didn't reveal Himself
to me in a big way.  This is when the supernatural messages began.

     I no longer had the freedom to worship God in the church because I was not excepted the way I
was made by God.  So God became my only friend.  He ended every message that He gave me with
these words, "My Ways are not Human Ways, Trust In Me."

     From that moment on God began to reveal to me a different world.  A  truth that was hidden deep
within the psyche of the brain.  A Spiritual realm of decision.  A battle that pitted evil against good.

     God did not unfold the wonders of His way to me all at once because like all human beings I was
blind to the truth about our world.  He did it little by little.  Encouraging me to listen to the voice that
led me down the path of love.

     It seemed that love was the key to knowing the will of God.  Love identifies God's truth and
reveals the evil plans of man.  God made this world as a testing ground.  A place where we would
learn to choose the right over the bad.

     So in order for me to understand God's messages to me, I had to see our world for what it was.  
Up until the time I was called, I was living the ideal Christian life.  I obeyed every law including the
speed limit, but when I was persecuted for love, my perception of this world changed.

     God is love and He reveals Himself to people in love.  To throw out our family members and
friends because they love differently has nothing to do with God.  It is man made up rules and
doctrines handed down by the church forefathers.

     Look at our world and all of the different cultures and belief systems.  All governments are set up
by people.  From democracy to communism to the different ways we believe in God.

     Laws govern people and tell them how to live and what they are allowed to do.  It should be no
secret that laws have come in and corrupted the way the church handles faith.

     This is the very reason why I believe in miracles. God does not need established churches to
teach people about Him.  All God needs is for us to listen to His voice within our being.

     All God needs is love to identify Himself to us.  Love is not a law, but a feeling.  Love supersedes
all human ways of thinking.  Love is God's message to people.

      If we love then we follow God.  Think about what spurs you on to giving at Christmas time.  We
love to give presents to those we love because it make us feel good.

     To know God is to believe in the miracle of life.  To believe in more than just the seen.  To
understand beyond the limits of this world and see the awesomeness.  

     God's messages to me helped me to see that our lives have a purpose that goes far beyond the
limits of this world.  But God also explained to me that I needed to tell people that love is the path to

     Please help me to get this message out.  So people will listen to the voice of love and not the
voice of hate. "The Game of Life It’s Almost Over".