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Do You Ever Feel Like God Doesn't Care
How Does Satan Destroy Your Life?
I Believe In Miracles
I Feel Like A Failure Because My Child Is Bad
I Know Who Started The Fire
Jesus Christ, Superman Part 3
Jesus Christ, Superman Part 6
Living Moment By Moment
Satan's Got Your Number
Sin Was My Master, Murder Was My Crime
Something Good Is About To Happen
The Battle Over Love
The Clouds Parted And I Began To See
The Creator Of The Heavenly Lights
The Prognoses Was Serious, I Was Going To Die
The Time Is Now
Tornado's Are An Instrument Used By Satan
Virginia Tech, Why God?
Where In The World Is God?
Where In The World Is God?
Why Am I Here In The First Place
Why Did My Child Die?
Why Do People Say What They Don't Mean?
Why Does Cancer Kill People?
Why Is My Teenager Angry?
Why Would A Loving God Allow Christians To Suffer With Cancer
Will Your Faith Withstand Each Test
Life Tests & Challenges
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