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Tim Tebow, powered by Jesus Christ?

Many sports commentators have reported that Tim Tebow can’t throw an accurate pass. He shows no ability at reading opposing teams next defensive moves in order to outsmart them with a great offensive play. Yet despite the poor reviews as the quarterback of the Denver Broncos, Tebow continues to lead his team to win NFL football games. Everyone is amazed by his determination to win even when it seems that he lacks the overall talent required to be a great football quarterback. Tim proclaims eagerly before newsman that the glory belongs to his deep rooted faith in Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. Jesus is the power behind his success as a quarterback. Continue reading

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A Call from God Brought Devastating Persecution

The Banging on my apartment door was loud. The door was dead bolted and I braced it with my body to keep it from being forced open. I screamed, “I called the police! They will be here any minute!” I warned them. Just a couple minutes before Eric had slammed his full body weight into my opened car door where I was just starting to exit. My lower left leg had a huge softball size contusion from him slamming into the door over and over again. It was a miracle that I had escaped and managed to get into my apartment. Within moments sirens began to blare outside my door and I heard Eric and his friends getting into their car and driving away.
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