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Seven New Year’s Resolutions that Will Make you Stronger

Halfway through January my mother suddenly died leaving my father alone. I was very close to my mother and her death hit me very hard. Six months later my wife of seventeen years left me for another person. I had to start my life all over again; find a new place to live and start my upholstery business in a brand new town. My dad still in the process of grieving begged me to move in with him because he hated living alone. Within a month of moving in with dad, I began to realize that my father had health issues. Immediately I began taking him to doctors and we soon discovered he had a brain tumor and he didn’t have long to live.
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What Christmas Means to Me

Divorce is very hard when you have children. It is even harder when you are a very religious family that is filled with ministers and missionaries. But the hardest thing of all is when you discover you are a lesbian. Continue reading

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Is There a Place at Your Church for Me?

Still, over the past twenty years the building continued to be vandalized and the neighborhood people fought to close the church. Many times spray cans labeled the outside brick walls with messages of hate for homosexuals. Windows were broken, the doors battered with heavy objects and even once someone tried to set the church on fire. The people of the congregation took this is stride understanding that acceptance for their lifestyle was constantly undermined by most churches and society.
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