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Why Is My Teenager Angry

“Caleb it’s time to take out the trash.” The fight following that simple request was like a tornado ramming into the house and taking off the roof. Screams erupted and before I could back out of his room we were in a shouting match over a chore that would have taken less than two minutes if he had just paused his game long enough to get it done. Continue reading

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My Spirit Guide

When Samuel was three years old his grandmother read him the story of Samuel the prophet in the Bible. He loved the scriptures about Samuel’s life so much he asked her to read it to him every time he spent the night at her house. When he graduated from preschool all of the children were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. Continue reading

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The War of the Gods

Now the battlegrounds were set. It was Satan’s children against Jesus Christ’s followers. It was the battle of the gods. Continue reading

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