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Who is the Holy Spirit

Tori and I had gone to church to pray for healing over her heart. Her doctor warned her that she was endanger of suddenly dying of a massive heart attack. Urgently we had come to church believing that a miracle was her only hope of survival. Continue reading

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One Step Away From Homelessness

The dog was wrapped in a dirty plaid doggy coat and the man wore a coat that looked weathered from the outdoors. It hurt me to see them standing there together begging in the cold. I wish I had a job to give this man. Continue reading

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Why Did God Allow My Father to Die in an Accident?

Seconds later an ominous sound of two bolts popping out dropped him quickly to the ground making him land hard on his right hip. The force of Dean’s weight and his side of the scaffolding collapsing first sent his dad like a rocket into the air. Dean watched in terror as his dad landed on his head near a tree. From the position of Bob’s twisted body Dean knew before he ever reached his side that his dad was instantly killed. Continue reading

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