Georgia, Pray For Rain
By Linda C Dipman

    The dry ground blew into the air destroying the last few inches of top soil to the fields where irrigation had once
fed its land. Now the farmers had to abandon their fields, because the underground river beds that watered the
wells were now all dried up.  The fields of earth now abandoned looked towards the heavens praying for God to
rescue them!

    The barren trees bowed low as if in prayer beseeching God for rain.  The plants were gone and the people were
leaving because there wasn't any water where they lived. The pastures in all the counties were devastated from the
lack of moisture and they prayed to their creator to fill their land once again with life.

    A voice resounded from Heaven to all people who listened within their souls.  Pray for Jesus to save your land.  
Acknowledge God in the Heavens above for He cares.  Pray for Rain.

    Long residents in the state of Georgia gathered in churches and even officials in government buildings pleaded
and asked God for help.  They saw the beauty of their land fading and the ponds and rivers dissipating and in fear
they asked for rain.

    Come all people gather together forget your differences and pray for rain.  Acknowledge that Jesus Christ is your
Savior and the rain will come like a flood and once again bring new life.

    The boarding states heard the cries of the people shouting out from Georgia's drought stricken land.  The fear
of their neighbors beckoned them to take heed to their plight.  But they were satisfied in their own lives and what
was happening to Georgia was helping their states.  For they were profiting by shipping them loads of water and

    A voice resounded from Heaven to the neighbors who boarded the state to listen within they're souls.  Pray for
Jesus to save your neighbors' land.  Acknowledge God in the Heavens above for He cares for all people. Pray for
Rain or you could be next.

    The entire United States became aware of the plight of Georgia and they whispered to each other, how much
more bad news could they withstand.  There were floods in one state, hurricanes in another and fires that plagued
other states.  They decided within their hearts to turn off the news and to turn their backs on their neighbors
because they were satisfied in their own lives.

    Jesus looked down from heaven and quoted scriptures: Luke 12: 56, "Hypocrites!  You can look at the earth and
the sky and predict the weather; why, then, don't you know the meaning of this present time?"

    The countries in far away lands were suffering through droughts and even though they knew of Jesus Christ,
they had long abandoned their faith.  They believed in their own strength and they resented anyone that asked
them to pray.  They didn't need God, all they needed was science to help them.

    They commanded Georgia to invest in science and shoot sulfur into the clouds.  Believe in men and not in God
and the rain will come!  Don't pray, purchase planes filled with sulfur and equipment that will make the rain come.

    Georgia refused to listen to their neighbors and their governor took a bold stand.  He pleaded with the people of
faith in His state to call upon God to heal their land.

    The media ran to take pictures of a state that had fallen on their knees so they could wait and see if God would
answer their prayers.  Atheists were enraged by how their state humbled themselves before the Lord.  Agnostics
ridiculed from a distance believing God could help, but they didn't think  He would.

    A voice resounded from Heaven to all people who listened within their souls.  Pray for Jesus to save your land.  
Acknowledge God in the Heavens above for He cares.  Pray for Rain.

    A still small voice within my own soul joined Georgians everywhere to pray for redemption so the rain would be
released.  A spiritual urgency opened my eyes and caused me to see a battle was brewing in the unseen spiritual
realm between the forces of light and dark.  Each eager to send out spirits to fight on their behalf.  Each waiting to
see if the people truly believed that God could help or if they would rely on man.

    Satan called upon all demons to stop up the rain and dry all the land.  He filled the hearts of those who did not
believe with negative words meant to defeat those who had faith that God could send rain.

    Jesus sent out messages via the Holy Spirit to people scattered throughout the land to be persistent in prayer
and to have faith.  Just believe and God will open the skies with so much rain that the drought will quickly be

    Ephesians 6: 16-18, "At all times carry faith as a shield; for with it you will be able to put out all the burning
arrows shot by the Evil One.  And accept salvation as a helmet, and the word of God as the sword which the Spirit
gives you.  Do all this in prayer, asking for God's help.  Pray on every occasion, as the Spirit leads. For this reason
keep alert and never give up; pray always for all God's people."

    It rained!  It poured!  They prayed and it rained some more.  God heard Georgia and He answered, Yes! I will
send rain!  Yes!

    Satan and his demon angels fled because their power to keep back the rain was defeated by Georgia's faithful
Christian soldiers.  The rain came down and the drought ended, because God loves people and answers when they
call upon His name.

    The drought is over and the land no longer cries to God for rain.  The trees are all full and the plants thrive.  The
people have come back to their homes and once again they invest time in their manicured lawns and gardens.  
Every one is at peace and the state is now at rest.  Soon all memory of the drought is gone and everyone has gone
back to their lives.

    What did the people of Georgia learn?  Will they remember the drought and how prayer restored their lives to
prosperity again.  Or when they are satisfied will they forget God and continue to live their lives like everyone else?  
Remember God loves people, pray to Him and trust Him with your life.  Pray!