Haunted Typewriter or God?
By Linda Dipman

   To my astonishment my typewriter began to move.  Is this possible?  I looked intently for some
mechanical device that could cause such an impossible action.  There was none.  The typewriter clearly
wrote a message, which ended in "My ways are not human ways trust in me, God has Spoken."  A
message from God?  I showed the message to my best friend, but all she saw was gibberish . . . But I
could read it clearly.  Why me?  

   Twenty years ago God called me.  He revealed Himself to me through the life He gave me to live in
this world.  He opened up the flood gates of truth by explaining to me how to find Him.

   I am an upholster by trade.  I have been using my hands to create beautiful pieces of furniture for the
past 32 years.  I am in the business of serving people and meeting their household needs.

   Why would God call someone like me?  In the Bible we read that Amos was a farmer and David was a
Shepard.  Paul was a tent maker and Peter a fisherman.  I guess it doesn't matter where we begin in this
world.  What matters is that we are willing to listen to God and do His will!

   Let me begin by telling you that God created this world and all of it's complexities for a purpose. He
created every human being and He loves everyone.  God created us so we would know Him and learn
from all of our differences how to be compassionate, loving and kind.

   Learning how to hear God's voice is probably the most important thing a human being must do in
order to begin to understand their own life purpose.   Abraham received God's messages from  Angels.
They taught him  how corrupt men can be when left to live in this world apart from God.  

   Moses heard the voice of God through a burning bush.  He became Israel's law-giver and judge. He
gave the people laws to help Israel to understand the difference between right and wrong.

   Samuel heard an audible voice of God as a child.  A voice that would later help him to give power and
might to the armies of God who defended Israel from her enemies.  A promise that one man can stand
against a thousand men if he follows Him

   The book of Acts explains how people were filled with the Holy Spirit when they placed their faith in
Jesus Christ.  A Spirit that would talk to them in dreams, inspired messages, miracles, and wonders on
the earth.  A Spirit that would teach them on the inside all about Him.  This is exactly what happened to
me when I first started getting messages from God.

   In order for God to get my attention He talked to me through typed messages.  Yes, my typewriter did
the typing on its own.  The messages were geared to teach me how to listen to the Holy Spirit within me.

   God's voice was the still small voice inside my head or the flashes of ideas that crossed my mind.  
They manifested themselves into visions and dreams.

   Hearing God's voice alone was not enough.  I had to understand which voice was God and which was
the voice of evil.  I had to learn to discern what I was thinking and determine which path would lead me
to do what was right.

   You must read the Bible in order to understand the difference between right and wrong thinking.  The
Bible shows us God and lets us see how evil hurts us and others.   The Bible helps us to understand
why we are tested so we will learn to do right.
   God taught me how to listen to Him through my upholstery business.  He was the idea that kept me
from making a mistake as I was matching difficult fabrics.  He was the expert craftsman who taught me
how to be perfect at my trade.  

   He was my conscience making sure I did everything I promised to do in my business.  If the customer
ordered new foam, no matter how much money I didn't have, I replaced the foam. I did not cheat anyone.

   He showed me dishonesty through how my companies treated me.  If I received the amount of fabric I
ordered or if it was short a yard or more.  Whether or not my foam was the same consistency that I
asked for.  

   Everything mattered to God. He wanted me to understand the difference between doing it the way
man does it or doing it the way He wanted it done.  He demanded that I have integrity.

   I found out very quickly by how I handled my business that God was always just, but people were not
dependable.  Many wanted to take advantage of me, but God taught me how to be firm and not to give

   God became my best friend and my defender.  God showed me injustice and how people ruined this
world by giving into Satan and doing evil.  God explained that the purpose of our world is to teach us to
want good.

   Following God in a corrupt world is hard.  Because it is easy to get tripped up and turned down a
wrong path.  It is important that we learn how to pray and to trust God in faith that He will never let us

   God's messages made me a better person who cared about others and not just myself.  He took my
life and gave me a better life, because I chose to do what was right and refused to give in and cheat just
because I could.
   Learning how to listen to God's voice makes our lives better and helps us  win our game of life.  No
longer do we think just about ourselves.  We live by the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would
have them do unto you".  "The Game of Life It's Almost Over".