He Speaks In A Whisper
By Linda C Dipman

   I woke from the night and listened quietly to a soft gentle whisper.  It was like a glimmer of light
opening up my mind with revelations and new ideas. Thoughts that were not my own.  Awakening me to
the influence of God that was giving me the chance to make a choice to bring goodness to my day.

   I had heard this voice many times before urging me on to believe beyond my ability to comprehend
why?  It was a tenderness that I loved to hear. It brought my life a fullness that did not exist without the
guidance of these words.

   To listen to God is to understand the mysteries of living each day one day at a time.  To hear from
God is to know that every step I take forward would one day be revealed as having a purpose.  

   Elijah was a prophet during the times of the kings in the Old Testament of the Bible.  He preformed
miracles that led to putting faith back into the hearts of many Israelite people.

   One of Elijah's miracles was when He prayed that a three year drought would end.  Rain poured
down and immediately plants and vegetation began to bring new life once again into the country.

   Elijah thought that this miracle would make the people grateful to God, but instead the queen of
Israel tried to murder Elijah.  Elijah fled in fear.

   He ran and fled to the mountain of Sinai, which was thought to be the mountain where God lived.  
God met Him and told Him to go to the very top and stand before Him there.

   Elijah obeyed.  The Lord passed by and sent a furious wind that split the rocks-but the Lord was not
in the wind.  The wind stopped blowing, and then there was an earthquake-but the Lord was not in the
earthquake. Then there was a fire-but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire there was the soft
whisper of a voice.
   I have gone through many things in my life and many times I have wished that I could jump off the
nearest mountain.  Every time I let go of my fear, I would hear God's whisper.  God would tell me that I
was safe and I could do it.  

   God's softness would encourage me to keep going forward one moment at a time. He would tell me
that in order to do His will I had to live by faith.

   Too many people have stopped listening to the voice of God and they have given into the voice of
human reason.  They allow the way this world deals with life to influence how they are suppose to live.

   All my life I have been self employed.  Most of the time I couldn't afford medical insurance.  Most of
the time I lived from one job to the next.  

   When difficulties arose I had to lean on my faith and believe that God would give me what I needed
when I needed it.  As a result I can state that I always had enough, because I trusted God.

   Today we see how the rich live.  We watch television programs on the rich and the famous and their
excessive lifestyles. We long for the freedom that their lives portray.  

   Instead of tithing to organizations to help the poor and needy we take our chances with the lottery.  
We no longer try to understand why we can' make our ends meet. We no longer listen to the voice of

   We try to control every aspect of our lives without faith.  When bad things happen we blame God and
turn a deaf ear to His comforting words of help.

   To hear the voice of God is to let go of the world and allow Him to work in our lives.  To have wisdom
is to know that this world is temporary and that extreme wealth is pointless.

   To have God in your life is to win the game of life.  We are here to learn to overcome this world.  
When we live as the world lives, we are simple minded.

   Our world is much more complex than its outward appearance.  We live in the concrete, but an
unseen world wraps itself around our lives propelling us forward to learn secret truths through the
facing of trials and difficulties.

   To gain wisdom is to understand that there is far more to this world than living a good life.  We must
discover that giving is greater than receiving.  

   We must understand that service is better than being served.  In order to reach our full potential in
this world we must interact with the spiritual part of life so we can find the true meaning of why we are in
this world.

   To find God is to understand the ultimate truth about our world.  We are on a journey to discover
right and to say no to wrong.  We are here to love and care about our fellow game of life players.

   We are to gain revelations by hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit.  The voice that directs our lives to
know God.  The voice that teaches us to love and have compassion for the poor, persecuted and

   When a person who doesn't know God, asks me to tell them about God, I always lower my voice to a
whisper.  I tell them that God is the voice that allows us to understand  justice.  

   The voice that tells us that incest, murder, and hurting others is wrong.  The voice that encourages
us to do what is right and not to give into the evil side of this world.