I Am A Future Resident Of Heaven
By Linda C Dipman

    A young Christian woman lay on an examination table, she was just diagnosed with a terminal illness, and she
was determined to not be afraid of dying.  She closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like to meet God face
to face.  An older couple lay awake; they just found out there retirement money was stolen by a greedy bank
executive.  The husband held his wife in his arms, and snickered at Satan’s attempt to ruin their lives, "At least we
won't have to work for money in heaven!"

    To be born in a corrupt and evil world is to realize that none of us can ever pull ourselves up unless we believe in
more than what the world has to offer.  To be a Christian when tragedy hits is to be joyful and happy because we
know when we are tested in this world, we will receive a reward in eternity for passing the test.  We are the future
residents of Heaven!

    The greatest revelation a Christian can come to is the knowledge that our world can never be perfect.  When
Adam ate the apple he let sin into the world.  Adam wanted understanding and the only way to gain this knowledge
was for the world to take a radical change for the worse.  Satan became the god of this world and people became
the students of a world game, answering question over what is good and what is evil through the trials they will face
in life.

    1 John 5:19, "We know that we belong to God even though the whole world is under the rule of the Evil One."

    This is the reason why bad things happen to people. Satan tests people through life's calamities by tempting
people into making bad choices.  After he deceives the sinners, he then has the power to punish anyone who
chooses the wrong path. God on the other hand sent His Son to be the Savior of the world. All God asks of His
children is for them to place their faith in Him and follow His instruction on how to fight against the evil attacks of
Satan. When we give our lives to God, He gives us the supernatural voice of the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit that guides
us down the paths that reveal to us the truth about the mistake we will make if we follow the wrong path.

    We are in a world that tests every fiber of our ability to stand up by ourselves.  This is the reason why children
die young and why elderly people are not safe from evil people who prey on their savings.  This is the reason why
as Christians when we understand the truth about our world we cast our cares on Jesus Christ.  We know that
without the saving power of God, we would not be able to fight against the evil tricks of Satan.  

    When you understand the game of life then you can cast your cares on God and believe profoundly: I am looking
forward to walking down the path with everyone I love towards the pearly gates of Heaven.  I want to see the glory of
God and I want to hear Him say to me, "Well, Done!" I want to receive a pat on the back with the assurance that I did
exactly what God wanted me to do during my journey on earth!  For I am a future resident of Heaven.

    To live your life for Jesus Christ is to know without a doubt that I have an eternity of glory to look forward to.  So
every time I don't know where my next pay check is going to come from, I will make myself think positive thoughts,
because I know that this is a temporary problem that will soon pass away.  For I am anticipating my reward for
everything I have endured in this world from Satan's evil attacks.  I am looking forward to walking arm and arm with
pride with my fellow Christian brothers.  I am looking forward to seeing all my family that has already received their
rewards in paradise.

    Romans 8: 37-39, "No, in all these things we have complete victory through him who loved us!  For I am certain
that nothing can separate us from his love:  neither death nor life, neither angels nor other heavenly rulers or
powers, neither the present nor the future, neither the world above nor the world below- there is nothing in all
creation that will ever be able to separate us from the love of God which is ours through Christ Jesus our Lord."

    To know that I am a future resident of Heaven is to feel totally at peace, because I know I have placed my trust in
Jesus Christ as my Savior.  I am on the right path and I am confident that I am following His example in my life.  I love
my family, I care about my fellowman, and I give to those who need help, no matter what the cost.  I resist the evil
temptations of Satan. For I am traveling through this world and into the next world where I am building an eternity
that is more magnificent than I can ever imagine!

    Romans 8: 18, "I consider that what we suffer at this present time cannot be compared at all with the glory that is
going to be revealed to us."

    So I am not afraid!  I will not allow my need for the things of life to get in the way of my faith in God.  I will hold firm
to my belief in Jesus and look forward to my reward.  To be born in a corrupt and evil world is to expect Jesus to
meet all of my needs.  To have needs is to watch for the miracles!  Miracles that come in to fulfill my every desire
without me trying to figure how I am going to do it on my own.

    I will pursue Godly goals and I will put this life, I must live aside, and make it be joyful in all situations.  Even if my
house has burned to the ground, I know the mansion I am building in Heaven is solid and more beautiful than any
house I can create for myself, here.  For I know that I am a temporary resident of this world.  So rejoice with me that
your faith is being tested by what is happening to you in this imperfect world.  Rejoice that you were found worthy to
suffer for the sake of Jesus Christ so you can be a witness to others of what you can endure when you have an
unshakable faith.  

    Romans 8: 19-21, "All of creation waits with eager longing for God to reveal his sons.  For creation was
condemned to lose its purpose, not of its own will, but because God willed it to be so. Yet there was the hope that
creation itself would one day be set free from its slavery to decay and would share the glorious freedom of the
children of God."

    My reward for going through the pain of this world will teach me the value of living as a weak human being.  It will
teach me how much God cares about people even when they turn their back on Him.  It will teach me why our world
has so many bad people who are lost and destined for destruction, because of what they did in the world.  My
reward will be a stream of knowledge given to me, because I was found worthy when my life stands in review, before
the council of men, in the heavenly realm.

    The wisdom I gained by going through the hardships everyone faces in the world, I would have never understood
unless I suffered.  I am looking forward to that day when I will be rewarded for my earthly pain.  I am anticipating a life
of rewards for the challenges I faced while living in an evil world ruled by Satan.  I will let go of my fear and never
remember what I suffered, because I know that I am going to win my game of life and master sin.  

    The greatest revelation that a player in the game of life has to understand is everything you go through is worth
it in the end.  The elderly couple met each other with a warm embrace of love while standing before the entrance
into Heaven.  They didn't even remember their years of hardship.  All that came to their minds was, "We defeated
Satan in the world game of life and now we are here to celebrate!"  The young woman who died from a terminal
illness while fighting on the side of Jesus was ushered into the presence of God.  God spoke just two words, "Well
done!"  She had won the battle and now her reward was greater than anything she could ever imagine.

             I am a future resident of heaven and I will not fear anything that comes up against me.  For I will win my
game of life on the side of Jesus Christ.  I will see God's face and hear the words, "Well done!"