I Believe In Miracles
By Linda Dipman

   I looked down at my tires on my van and I was amazed.  I had a good half inch tread left even though I
had over sixty thousand miles on my tires.  To me I didn't know it was a miracle, but when my son, the
mechanic, looked at them, he was astonished.

   So many times we take God for granted, we think He doesn't see our needs or understand how hard
our life has become.  But when we take the time to slow down from our fast paced life we see the miracles.

   Walking outside my door, I admired all of the trees in my yard and the trees that decorated my
neighbors yards.  I began to notice that many of the pine trees were turning brown and dieing.  A
twenty-five foot pine tree stood stately in my front lawn and I was afraid that whatever was killing my
neighbors trees would affect my tree as well.

   I wasn't sure how to protect my tree and so I consulted an expert. He said it was a disease that was
taking all the pine trees in our area. I prayed for God's protection over my tree and the years passed with
my tree being unaffected by the death of it's counter parts.

   I left that house and moved into another home.  Within six months of my move the pine tree I had asked
God to protect, died.  

   Maybe God singled me out for these miracles or maybe my miracles could be your miracles too.  Many
of us have stopped praying and asking God for help.  Many of us have given up hope because we have
stopped looking beyond the problems we are facing at the moment.

   Isaiah 65:1, "The Lord said, 'I was ready to answer my people's prayers, but they did not pray.  I was
ready for them to find me, but they did not even try.  The nation did not pray to me, even though I was
always ready to answer, Here I am; I will help you.'"

   These are just two miracles, but I have many more to share and many that I can't share because I am
unaware of God's miracle working plan in my life every day.  All I can say for sure is I know God listens to
me and reacts when I take the time to let Him know my needs.

   For the past three years I have prayed that God would give me good gas mileage and protect me from
hitting deer as I traveled back and forth in the early morning each week to pick up work for my upholstery
business.  I prayed that He would give me good weather and less wind except when I needed the wind to
increase my gas mileage.  

   Every prayer was meant with an answer of yes.  Many people have told me stories about how they are
afraid to travel at certain times of the day because of deer.  But I am not afraid!

   Daniel 10:17&18,  "I am like a slave standing before his master.  How can I talk to you?  I have no
strength or breath left in me.
   Once more he took hold of me, and I felt stronger. He said, 'God loves you, so don't let anything worry
you or frighten you."

   One time I looked down just for a moment and when I looked up there was a deer in my head lights
right in front of my face.  Yet I didn't hit the deer. This is the reason why I believe in miracles, because I
should have hit that deer.

   I have prayed for God to keep termites out of my house and my roof from leaking.  And God answered
my prayers with yes.  I prayed that God would help me pick shoes with enough cushion and support to
help protect my back and feet as I worked on the cement floors of my shop and He answered my prayer,

   There were times when my children came to me rebellious and unhappy over having to go back and
forth from their dad's household to mine and I would pray for God's help.  I prayed asking God to give me
miracles because I needed His help to get me through the stress that filled my life.

   1Thessalonians 5:17&18, "Pray at all times, be thankful in all circumstances.  This what God wants
from you in your life in union with Christ Jesus."
             As long as I was praying and giving my cares to God, He answered my every day needs.  Yet
there were times when I was tested just to see if not getting my needs met would make me let go of my
faith in Him.

   The ice maker in my refrigerator leaked.  I prayed over the problem, but even after the entire
refrigerator was replaced the new one leaked too.

   Instead of God answering my prayers the way I wanted them answered, He would give me the strength
to stand up instead.  I would meet the problems with patience and long suffering and the endurance that
only the Holy Spirit could give a weak human being like myself.

   Philippians 4:13, "I have the strength to face all conditions by the power that Christ gives me."

   Growing in my faith in God was part of learning how to become stronger so that I would remain firm
during harder trials.  Still every day life things happened showing me that among the miracles of God
protecting me most of the time, I still had a lot to learn about this world.

   God wanted me to be dependent on Him so when my children were taken away from me and custody
given to their father because I was gay, I would not just roll up in a ball and be depressed.  God showed
me that my dependence gave me the strength to go through bad things that were meant to take away my
faith by Satan.

   I found out very quickly that our world was never meant to be a frolicking playground.  From scriptures
to the way that God had me lead my life, I learned that we were never suppose to make this world our

   Our home is with our Father in Heaven. This world is a testing ground to teach us how our dependence
on God makes us stronger. This world is a game of life that teaches us to love and have compassion
above what people think is sin.

   When we go through problems and we don't have our needs met in this world we learn just how
important it is to believe beyond ourselves.  We learn how our dependence on God creates a
determination to hold onto love no matter what society thinks.

   How many times has God protected me from an accident or even from an illness?  How many times has
God carried me as I cried over how my family and society treated me?  How many times did God keep me
safe even though it was illegal for me to love another woman in the state that I lived?

   Miracles are an every day part of my life because my life demanded faith for me to survive.  I celebrate
my life and I am thankful for what I have suffered, because it has changed me.

   So from the little prayers in life to the big prayers of existence, I Believe in the miracle of God!