Imagine your worse day.  Author, Linda Dipman's worse day
was probably more horrible than what you experienced.  

Linda Dipman, author of
I Want to Know My Future (buy it now)
The Game of Life: it's almost over, invites you to get to know her.  Find out how she survived her worse day, while praising God.  

Angels Watching Over me
by:  Pam Ware & Linda Dipman

I Want to Know My Future
by:  Linda Dipman
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The Game of Life
by:  Linda Dipman
LovingHands Ministry
There are many services that Linda Dipman provides through
Lovinghands Ministry.  First, be sure to check out her numerous
articles on various subjects available on this website.  

Linda Dipman is also available to visit and speak to women's
clubs, church groups, health care organizations, and colleges.  
Her unique perspective on life, makes her ideal for any age
group. A recent interview can be heard at The Christian Authors Show  

Please feel free to
contact her via this website or by email

Dear Friend,
    I believe prayer can bring about miracles, if you have any prayer
requests, please send them to me and I will commit to pray for you.  In
return I ask that you please pray for me and Lovinghandsministry.
                    Linda Dipman
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