Is Our World A Huge Multifaceted Game Orchestrated By A Superior Being?
By Linda C Dipman

   Armageddon, is it upon us?  Are we in the final seven years of our present day world?  
   From the very beginning of existences, scientists, and  great thinkers of all times have been trying to
figure out the evolution of our world.  They believe and teach that a huge explosion erupted scattering
particles that came together and formed the solar system and later put together the human race and all
things surrounding our world. Yet today they fear that our world is at a point where extinction is possible,
because of the way we have abused the resources of our planet.  
   Theologians believe God created the universe and earth.  Using the Bible as the ultimate authority of
how our world was formed and how human life came into being. They believe that according to the Word
of God our world is coming to the end.

   Today a new and different theory has come to the surface.  The idea that our world was formed as a
playing field.  An elaborate Life Game where people's sole purpose are to be put to the test.  Tests that
are meant to change them for the more perfect world to come.

   Look at how our world has been formed and how people and our environment interact within every
human being's life.  If we are in a Life Game then our world must be more than the physical and concrete
of our present day lives.  

   To be in a Great Game of Life is to acknowledge that we are like puppets under the influence of a
greater and higher intelligence.  A Creator, who must influence our thinking and lead us down paths to
reveal the greatest purpose behind the Game of Life, a divine plan for human evolution.

   To play the Game of Life is to understand the unexplained happenings within the makeup of the
human consciousness.  One of these mysteries is revealed in the anomaly that as human beings we only
use 10 percent of our brains.  

   Scientist have for years speculated that the remaining 90 percent of the brain must be some sort of
storage ground.  In the game of life it is speculated that this part of our brain is the very core where the
battle between right and wrong is fought. A Spiritual existence that leads us to paths of learning.

   While our world only needs 10 percent of our brains for us to live in the concrete, our Game of Life
needs 90 percent in order for us to play our game to gain the maximum level of achievement.

   In a game no one knows the outcome until it comes to the end.  This is the very reason why we come
to this world not knowing we are in a game.  To know we are in a game is to win before we ever begin.  

   Not knowing we are in a game gradually takes us through life experiences revealing secrets little by
little.  That is the reason why we have the unexplained areas in our brain.  This area is our spiritual
existence that pushes us into each different experience we must go through in order to achieve the goals
for our particular game.  

   When we suffer we are lead into different levels of understanding that reveals to us the difference
between right and wrong.  This game is so complex because it uses every fiber of our human makeup in
order to help us to come to a truth.  

   A truth that reveals the evil ways of our present day world.  A message that brings us through the
tribulations of life and leads us to revelations.

   The whole goal of our existences is to be changed into new people.  A person full of compassion for
our fellowman and who does not judge, because we have learned to endure the pain of unjust suffering.
That is the purpose behind living in a corrupt and evil world.

   To think of how our world game has been formed is to unlock the complexities of our existence.  
Remember to be part of a game we must be challenged.  How better to do this than to have a world with
people of multi-ethnic backgrounds and different lifestyles.

   Our belief systems plus how our different governments work opposing each other reveal the difference
that help us to come to the ultimate conclusions of who is wise and who is ignorant.

   While one government promotes democracy another demands communism.  While Christians believe
in Jesus, Muslims believe in Ala and Hindus believe in Buddha.  All of this combined with our different
lifestyles challenges us as we learn revelations while we proceed down the different paths of life.

   It is a known fact that each person's life is predisposed to a particular personality and to different levels
of intelligence.  In our Game of Life  each person's life has a destiny completely designed to navigate
through this world on a certain path.  

   That is the reason why some people are doctors, while others are mechanics and barbers.  Our world
is carefully put together giving each person a direction in life they must accomplish in order to bring about
a balance for the world's game.

   In order to play the game to the highest degree of achievement we must have a belief system.  We
must either believe in the world or we must believe in a Higher Being.  This is why in order to win we must
believe in God.  

   If we don't believe in God then we are limited to this world's way of handling life.  When we place our
faith in the unseen God then we expand our world and are open to the deeper complexities found
through knowing the truth surrounding the spiritual dimension of our existence.

   Today people are experiencing greater levels of testings with the inventions brought on by the
communications industries.  We see world events unfolding on our televisions.  We hear about how our
destructive use of our natural resources have influenced the earths atmosphere.  We see the
devastations brought on by hurricanes, floods and all forms of natural disasters.  

   Today even the motives of our world leaders are brought out for all people to see and understand.  
Nothing is hidden any longer all things about our weak human existence is being revealed because it is
time to understand that our world game is about to end.  

   Now is the time for all people to see that they are not in this world to lead their lives for what the world
has to offer.  Our battle is one of learning, but just like a board game must end so the Game of Life must
end. We are here for a greater purpose.  A purpose that reaches beyond this world and into an eternal

   This eternal world is our reward for going through the trials of life and winning the greatest game of
them all!