Linda Dipman was born in
Portsmouth, Virginia, but spent
most of her life in Kansas.  She
is a businesswoman who has
owned her own upholstery
business for over thirty-five

She has three married children
and eight grandchildren.
She is a board member of
Front Range Hospice.
She loves to decorate, travel
and write spiritual books to
help people in their Christian  
About Us
 When I was married to a man and a mother of three, I experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I suffered life-changing and eye opening persecution from my family, church, and friends when I fell in love with a woman. I was attacked, jailed, and my children were taken away from me all because of love. I was shocked and confused and determined to find out why everyone hated LGBTQ people. For the next thirty years, I spent every spare moment researching, reading, and studying my Bible, Biblical historical data, books left out of the Bible, Jewish rituals, and any information I could find that would give me understanding. In the mist of my studies and world experiences, I discovered that we live in a physical world that we can feel and touch, but we also are surrounded by an unseen spiritual world that battles for our souls. Angels and demons are actively involved with every aspect of our lives. We are tested in life, refined, and vexed to change us into people who are good, or we learn nothing, and we give ourselves to evil. Jesus came to save us and teach us the right path we should take. Satan came to tempt, deceive, and ruin everything God planned for our lives.

 I am married to Pam Ware. I am a grandmother to ten. I am the author of “The Game of Life It’s Almost Over”, “I Want to Know My Future”, and coauthor of “Angels Watching Over Me”. Every book takes the readers through my life experiences with Bible references, to help the reader understand the truth about our world according to my Christian belief.

 Do you ever wonder why your life turned out the way it did? If you were given the ability to see your future, would you decide to walk through the same doors you entered in your past? In retrospect, this is exactly what I did when I took on the momentous task of writing 'I Want To Know My Future'. I looked at the struggles I experienced in my life and weighed the options I could have made at the very beginning. Using my life story I created the factious name of Elizabeth Barrett. In real life Elizabeth is me. I changed all names and most places in order to protect my family.

 Writing this book was one of the hardest stories I ever wrote. It took me one year to write 'I Want To Know My Future', because in order to write about the future you must relive your past. I chose to write the book because as a Christian, I belive that I have a responsibility to tell people what God did for me. In many ways, I am an activist for God's message of unconditional love.

 ‘I Want To Know My Future’ reads like a movie, because I wrote it in dramatic detail according to what really took place in the small town of Winfield! Winfield is not the real town, I made up the name. I wrote the book in third person because this way it helped me to move away from the pain I felt from having my children taken away from me. Being somewhat removed from my personal feelings of loss, I was able to present all the facts in a future and past context. Presenting facts in this format allows the reader to take the story and decide for themselves if what happens to Elizabeth and Tori is right or wrong.

 I am thirty years old when the story begins. I begin by telling the extraordinary circumstances that led up to the police arresting Tori, her parents and I and how they put us in jail. This is a future event. I then go to the past and on to the present describing everything that led to my decision to break the law and kidnap my children. The only way you can determine the path you might have taken, is by weighing your options as you look back at your past.

 Just when you think the story of Elizabeth and Tori captures your imagination a supernatural twist enters into the narrative. God reveals His will for Elizabeth’s and Tori’s life. Now the reader has all the facts. When you have the physical story and the Spiritual story immerged into one it helps you to see the real reason why Tori and I were able to stand our ground against all of the forces that rose up against us. God fought for us and performed extraordinary miracles in order to save us from an evil judge. He protected us from the people who wanted to do us harm. He uplifted us before our accusers and blessed us richly in our upholstery business. This is the reason why I had to tell the story about what happened. This is the reason I wrote, ‘I Want To Know My Future’.

 Not many people know that the angel on the front cover of my book, “The Game of Life it’s Almost Over” is a mural that I painted on my office room wall when I lived in Kansas. When I moved to Colorado my Son and his wife and three children bought my house and wall papered over the Angel. It was my inspiration, not theirs. The Angel was eight feet wide and six feet tall. The face of the angel is my daughter. It became the picture I used on my book, ‘The Game of Life It’s Almost Over’. I wrote this book in 2006, because I was not quite ready to write ‘I Want To Know My Future’.

 The angel was painted during a very turbulent time when I had to start my life all over again. Both of my parents died. Tori and I separated. I moved to a new town, began my upholstery business again and I became a grandmother for the first time. As I painted I began to see my world in a different light. The wings became a gigantic game board. Each semi circle with multiple different colors became individual players. The colors represented their uniqueness and diversity (color, race, sexual orientation, etc.) Each player has a destiny designed by God. A life plan God had predetermined a head of time as they interact with other players. The angel’s body and face represent the supernatural messengers of God (Angels) that help each player to stay on the path that God has designed for their lives. Every player of the great game of life is lead down paths in the world that reveals to them revelations. Each path opens up the player’s mind to hidden truths that are only revealed when you go through difficult tests. These tests teach the person the difference between right and wrong. It is a life journey that continues until the player attains the wisdom God preordained for them to know. Facing adversity is a teacher and with God’s help it becomes a blessing in disguise.

 We are here to grow in wisdom. We are here to change into more caring people who love each other unconditionally.

 ‘The Game of Life It’s Almost Over’, may have been written before ‘I Want To Know My Future’ but it is really the second book. It explains in detail the game of life. It teaches Spiritual truths I learned as I listened to Bible tapes, read biblical history books and listened to the Holy Spirit reveal God’s will for my life.