Pam Ware was born and raised in Southern California. She was close to her grandparents who instilled in her the value of an education and hard work. As a young child, her grandfather told her that there was nothing in this world that she could not do if she could read, study, and listen. These words have stayed with her for her entire life.

About Us
    Pamís childhood was not easy. Her parents both drank heavily and often left her home alone under the care of her older sister who was mentally ill and quite abusive. Pam started working at age fourteen. She paid her parents rent and bought most of her own food. Her independence helped her to separate herself from the toxic environment she was forced to endure at home. On her 18th birthday she moved into her own apartment and took full responsibility for her life and her future. Pam had a brief marriage that ended when she came out and accepted the fact that she was a lesbian. The divide between her and her parents became non-existent. They filed a legal document divorcing her as their child and heir.

    Pam put herself through college and earned a Masters in Social Work from San Diego State University. She went on to get her clinical license. Pamís interest in social work began when she learned that a social workerís role was to assist individuals as they interacted with their environment. There has always been a strong disposition in her chosen career to assist patients, their families, and her employees in finding and removing the obstacles toward reaching their goal or understanding what their real end game needed to be. She provided bedside care during the HIV/AIDS crisis as well as a program development around the mental health issues that needed to be addressed during the first decade of this disease. She also provided this same type of care to patients and their families who were undergoing treatment for oncology/hematology diseases. The last 15 years of her career was spent as an administrator and then an owner/administrator of an agency that was providing home based hospice care and palliative care.