Sacrifices We Make For Love
By Linda C Dipman

   My life was perfect and as a wife, mother and a leader in my church, I was respected.  Everything
changed when the Holy Spirit took my heart by surprise.

 God wanted more from me than the ordinary way of the so-called right way to live.  He wanted a
complete change of mind.  He wanted me to stop depending on what people said was the right way to

 God is the creator of all things. He has control over His Children in this corrupt and sinful world.  And He
will use His abounding power to produce the fruit He wants to grow from the vine of each of His human

 God changed me by making me love another woman.  He took my pride for this life and made me
depend on Him.

 He allowed me to see the world through eyes I would not have had if my life had not completely
changed.  Being gay was the kiss of death to my life as I was living it.  

 My father threatened my life, my brothers and sister deserted me.  My mother, who once was my best
friend did everything humanly possible to pray me out of my lifestyle.

 No one really understands how serious a change like this was for me until they understand how
drastically my family reacted in hopes of saving me from my sinful lifestyle.  My mother was one such
person.  My mother had held a secret deep within her being for 24 years and in an effort to rescue me
she confessed her sin.

 My father was in the Navy and my mother was left to be the sole care taker of three small children with
very little money to live on.  She became very ill and lost her hearing.  The Navy immediately flew dad off
his aircraft carrier to be by my mothers side at great tax payers expense.

 A week later my mother's hearing returned, but because of what the Navy did she was afraid to let them
know her hearing returned.  She didn't even tell dad.  So for twenty four years she chose to keep
everyone she knew in the dark.

 When I showed that my heart was changed, because now I was with a woman and not with my husband,
my mother faced her demon lie and confessed that she could hear.  She thought that her prayers for my
lifestyle would allow God to answer her prayer for me.

 She no longer held onto the pride of her life and the respect of what others would think of her.  She
confessed, because she wanted to save me.

 The only thing my mother didn't count on was that God made me change in order to save me!  My
lifestyle took my pride away and made me investigate why lies about homosexuals were being legitimized
by the church.

 Depending completely on God made me read all kinds of information on History, books left out of the
Bible, and of course the Bible.  I studied and prayed for insight and depth of knowledge.

 My learning experiences changed my thinking and made me see life in a different perspective.  Taking
away the pride I had with my so-called perfect life and being thrust into reality made me become an
independent thinker.

 God spoke to me in order that I would be a voice for Him.  A voice not because He wanted me to justify
the lifestyles of homosexuals, but a voice that would teach others about the purpose of our world.

 Being gay was the best thing that ever happened to me.  Taking my pride and making me depend on
God changed me into a more loving, caring person.  I no longer sought to look good for people, now my
goal was to sacrifice my life for God.

 Now my goals were to announce what I have learned to every willing ear.  To announce to the world
and the church that they were wrong about sin.  To be a voice that proclaims that our world is no more
than a  life game.

 Jesus states, Matthew 18:1-5, "At that time the disciples came to Jesus, asking, 'Who is the greatest in
the Kingdom of heaven?'
 So Jesus called a child, had him stand in front of them, and said, 'I assure you that unless you change
and become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of heaven.  The greatest in the Kingdom of
heaven is the one who humbles himself and becomes like this child.  And whoever welcomes in my name
one such child as this, welcomes me.'"

 My mother confessed her lie to Save Me!  God changed my lifestyle to Save Me!  My pride was ripped
from my life taking away my dependence on the church and how they said I was suppose to live and I
was Saved!

 In order to win in our world game of life we must change.  Change is the key to walking the path of God.
 Change saves us from just living in this world for ourselves.

 We must come to God like children.  Children trust easily.  They love completely and have no prejudice
thoughts.  They are completely humble to the circumstances of their lives.

 To be children is to be totally helpless to the people who are in charge of their lives.  To walk in this
world is to acknowledge that when we are in control, God is not!

 Let go of your pride and open your eyes so you can see that our world is temporary.  Our world has an
appointed time and then the game is over.