The Clouds Parted and I Began To See
By Linda C Dipman

   Gray filled the sky and rain flooded in a turbulent outpouring scattering little pea sized hail.  Running for
cover I stood in shocked silence wondering  how long it would take for the storm to pass.

   It wasn’t until the storm subsided and my fears were calm that I heard a faint whisper. God renewed my
strength and gave me  the courage to once again stand strong against the forces that were rising up to
defeat me.

   This was not the first time I had been caught in a storm of fury. It seemed that every so often a test like
this would emerge, opening my eyes to a truth that I had never understood before.

   When I first began to hear the voice of God I did not listen.  But as I passed each test, I matured, giving
me the ability to discern the difference so I could defeat the everyday trials of life.

   It was as if I was in a cloud.  There was dark dense gloom that circled my life and kept me bound until
the day that God would set me free with a simple truth.  A truth that revealed itself in light.

   The Bible refers to light as wisdom.  While the darkness is the blindness placed on us to keep us from
understanding the purpose of our lives.

   I am sure that if I had walked with the knowledge as to why bad things happen in this world, I would not
have gone through the tests that opened my eyes to the truth about my own life purpose.

   I would have run from every storm that desired to trap me and punish me for being so blind.  I would
have stopped the test to prevent the suffering that would have occurred.

   To understand life we must begin by reading the story of  Adam and Eve.  We must walk out of the
storms of life and into the light.  When Adam and Eve ate the apple they wanted to be like God.  They
wanted to know the difference between good and bad.

   You see in order to see through the clouds of this life we must read about the purpose of this world.  We
must gain wisdom from the stories we find in the Bible.  In the third chapter of Genesis we begin to see
through the temptation of Satan and how it effected the lives of men.

   Adam and Eve walked with God naked and had no shame, but when Satan tempted them to ignore God’
s warning about eating the fruit, a war of unseen spiritual forces arose.  A God of goodness versus the evil
temptations of Satan emerged showing us the difference between good and bad.

   When knowledge began to flood into the hearts of Adam and Eve, they felt humility for the first time.  
They covered their nakedness with fig leaves and ran for cover so when God came into the garden, He
would not see their sin of disobedience.

   Understanding brings judgment.  Before they lived carefree in the garden, but now they had the ability
to judge between good and bad.  From that moment on nakedness represented sin.  Anything that
exposed  sin was feared, because it produced consequences for their actions.

   Belief in God and obedience to His way of living life opens our eyes to good.  Getting caught up in this
world and the desires of this world chain us to Satan and evil.  This is one of the first things I had to learn
in my quest to discover the difference between right and wrong!

    In order to learn from our choices we had to have repercussions for choosing evil and rewards for
doing right.  Adam had to work hard all of his life and Eve gave birth to children in pain and was subject to
her husband.

   Their sin affected the entire race of human beings.  Their sin and punishment became our sin and

   Now whether we sin or we don’t sin, we must learn.  In the Bible, the book of Job illustrates a spiritual
value in suffering that put a twist to the consequences that Adam and Eve suffered from sin.

   Job is considered to be the oldest book in the Bible.  A book that opens our eyes to the storms all
people will face in life.  A battle that takes the form of destroying everything a person values in this world in
order to get us to understand the difference between following God or giving into Satan.

   Job 1:9-12, Satan replied, “Would Job worship you if he got nothing out of it?  You have always
protected him and his family and everything he owns.  You bless everything he does, and you have given
him enough cattle to fill the whole country.  But now suppose you take away everything he has-he will
curse you in your face.’
   ‘All right,’ the Lord said to Satan,  ‘everything he has is in your power, but you must not hurt Job himself.’
So Satan left.”

   Satan took everything Job had in this world,  his children, servants, livestock and later he took his
health.  Three friends came to Job and confronted him telling him that he was being punished for sinning.

   The final chapters of Job reveals that everything he went through was a result of a battle between good
and evil.  A test that showed God, Job’s heart.  A heart that remained faithful not only to God, but to doing
good even if the tests made him look bad according to the belief system of his faith.

   Job’s life opens up the biggest revelation of them all about this world.  It parts the clouds of ignorance
and lets us see the purpose of all human life.

   This world is more than what it seems.  It is a playing field.  A game that takes our lives and teaches us
truth.  Everything we go through has a purpose and a Great Awakening of why the path that leads to
understanding is better than the path of temptation.

   So many people hold onto the example of the Prodigal Son and his sin.  How the son chooses the world
and the evils of this world over following God.  His suffering was a direct result of sin.

   Jesus proclaims a celebration when the fallen son returns changed by seeing that his life was nothing
without God.  Jesus opens up the mystery to how we grow even when we sin.

   Job learned by being tested that God was still the one to follow in this world.  The Prodigal Son proved
that even if we stray from God that He will welcome us back.

   Each story proves that our world is not what it seems.  Revelations 1:8, “‘I am the first and the last,’ says
the Lord God Almighty, who is, who was, and who is to come.”

   God has always been.  Our world was created so people would go through life and be changed through
the trials that they face. Satan is given power to give us choices.

   To hold onto God during the storms of life is to experience each trial for the test that it is.  A test that
reveals if our hearts are filled with evil or if we pass the tests of life and choose to become like God and do

   The rain ended, the hail stopped and the clouds left as quickly as they came.  The darkness broke forth
revealing the colors of a beautiful rainbow.  A promise that every trial has an end.  

   A promise that when this world ends and our learning process is over a more perfect sinless world will
appear.  An eternity where we will be rewarded for every bad thing that ever happened to us here.