Available Now “The Game of Life: it’s almost over” By Linda C. Dipman

God talked to me and this is what He said!  We are in a great “Game of Life and It’s almost
over!”  Now for the first time, what everyone ever thought about or decided was true, is forced
open for all to see!

“The Game of Life, it’s almost over”, is unlike anything you have ever read or seen before,
exposing the world as a multi-faceted game surrounding every persons life.  We are at War!  
Battling forces of evil versus good.  Linda Dipman uses her own life story and the very words of
God to unveil the darkness and reveal the bright shining truth for all people to understand.

Today people are searching to find the answers for their existence.  They want God to talk to them
and tell them why their child died.  They want to gain revelations as to why there is war, famine
and disease.  They question if God is love then why did my wife get cancer?  

Like most people Linda Dipman believed that if she was a good Christian she would be free from
pain and of course, God would bless her in everything she did!  She was envied from how she
served in church to how perfect an example she was as a wife and mother.  Little did she know
that in an instant all of this would be taken away and God would reveal Himself to her in a big way.  
God took her life, changed her thinking and thrust her into a world where she was despised and
hated.  Over the past twenty years God opened up her eyes to revelations and insights that no
man has ever revealed before!

Take this challenge and learn how “The Game of Life” is played.  You will clearly see how you are
the hero, battling spiritual forces of evil for good.  All questions about pain and suffering is
exposed for all people to understand.  There is something for everyone in the chapters of “The
Game of Life“, young and old, married and single, rich and poor, gay and straight.  This book will
speak to you on a personal level, and give you a glimpse into your own past, present, and future.  
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