The Time Is Now
By Linda C Dipman

   A luminous world appeared in perfect splendor.  It was all a flutter with beautiful angels darting back and forth
excitedly proclaiming the Greatness of God.  Suddenly a Being more beautiful than all of the rest stood before the
exuberant crowd dressed in clothes that shone like lightning.  All activity stopped and focused on the words that
flowed elegantly and persuasively directing the angels to important missions for God's chosen children on earth.

   The time had come for the harvest of the earth and each supernatural being was directed to their charge.  Their
mission was to gather together the faithful and position them for the great and mighty day of the Lord Jesus' return.
 They were ecstatic with joy that the time of destroying the evil off the face of the earth had now come.

   When I looked at the vision and understood what it meant, truth flooded my mind with understanding. Our world
had become so corrupted by evil that God had shorted the time of the end.  

   I was astonished at how simple minded people had become to their lives and how easily they were influenced to
do bad.    How could so many people be deceived?  Why weren't they striving to do right?

   Matthew 24: 21-25, "For the trouble at that time will be far more terrible than any there has ever been, from the
beginning of the world to this very day.  Nor will there ever be anything like it again.  But God has already reduced
the number of days; had he not done so, nobody would survive.  For the sake of his chosen people, however, God
will reduce the days.
   Then, if anyone says to you, 'Look, here is the Messiah!' or 'There he is!'-do not believe him.  For false
Messiahs and false prophets will appear; they will perform great miracles and wonders in order to deceive even
God's chosen people, if possible.  Listen!  I have told you this ahead of time."

   We live in a world where deception is present in everyday life.  For example, we are constantly bombarded with
advertisements from fast food restaurants compelling us to eat fatty hamburgers and french fries.  The media has
persuaded our children to eat unhealthy cereals and beverages loaded with sugar by their favorite cartoons
through TV commercials and advertisements on the boxes.  As consumers and parents we have lost our ability to
know what kind of food is best.

   We sit and watch television all day.  We are addicted to video games and the internet.  We don't clean our
homes or exercise because we are way too busy with our electronic gadgets and working at our jobs so we can fuel
our desire for things.

   Our doctor offices are full of patients who are prone to constant sicknesses and major diseases because of
unhealthy lifestyles from the indulgence of fatty fast foods and lack of exercise.  People are taking pills for high
blood pressure.  They are filling their bodies with antidotes when the right medicine can be found by eating the
right kind of foods.

   Hospitals are springing up everywhere in order to meet the excessive demand of sick people.  These people
have lost there ability to tell the difference between right and wrong in what they eat and how they should take care
of their bodies. These people rely on doctors and never call to God for help!

   We fill our homes with big screen televisions and entertain ourselves with fast cars and expensive boats.  Never
thinking of anyone but ourselves.  Always planning the next vacation that will bring excitement into our lives.

   We don't understand when floods come and sweep away our homes.  "Why would God take our things from us?"
 "God must hate me."

   We don't understand because we are so preoccupied with our own lives that we have abandoned our churches
and we have neglected our faith so we can indulge in our luxuries.  We have become children of the world taking
care of our own needs while the poor become poorer and the rich build bigger and bigger homes.

   A tornado wipes out houses and peoples securities and all the people think about is what memories they have
lost, they console themselves with expectations of what new things they will buy with the insurance check.  They
don't think about the poor in their community, who don't have insurance, and have lost their jobs as a result of the
storm?  Who will help them?

   Our world is a game.  A battle between good and evil.  A world where people are either for 'God and good', or for
the great deceiver Satan and what they can get from the world.  We must choose a side and fight! We must look at
our world differently or we will lose ourselves in the activities of the world.

   The seasons are changing, it is hot where it is suppose to be cool.  It is cool where it is suppose to be hot.  It
rains when it is suppose to be dry.  It is dry when it is suppose to be wet.  Look at what is happening and you will
begin to understand that 'The Time Is Now' and the 'End of All Things Are About to Happen'.

   Daniel 12: 1-3, "The angel wearing linen clothes said, 'At that time the great angel Michael, who guards your
people, will appear.  Then there will be a time of troubles, the worst since nations first came into existence.  When
that time comes, all the people of your nation whose names are written in God's book will be saved.  Many of those
who have already died will live again:  some will enjoy eternal life, and some will suffer eternal disgrace.  The wise
leaders will shine with all the brightness of the sky.  And those who have taught many people to do what is right will
shine like the stars forever."

   Our world is a game meant to teach people the difference between good and evil.  The wise will learn the
lessons of the world and they will pray for help when the storms of life come.  The wicked who have been deceived
by Satan, will blame God and abandon their faith for their worldly pleasures.

   Why are the people running to doctors and administering the medicine to their constant wounds?  Why are they
so preoccupied with making a living for their pleasures?  Why do they build bigger houses and larger banks for
their money?

   We have given into evil and we are blind to our sins.  We don't care about our mother or father in their old age.  
We don't care about the financial status of our children.  We don't think about the homeless and the poor.  Our
only interest is about ourselves and what makes us happy.

   Mark 13: 32-37 "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the
Father.  Be on guard!  Be alert!  You do not know when that time will come.  It's like a man going away:  He leaves
his house and puts his servants in charge, each with his assigned task, and tells the one at the door to keep watch.
   Therefore keep watch because you do not know when the owner of the house will come back-whether in the
evening, or at midnight, or when the rooster crows, or at dawn.  If he comes suddenly, do not let him find you
sleeping.  What I say to you, I say to everyone: 'Watch!'"

   When we are preoccupied with this world then we are at risk to storms, sicknesses and violence of all kinds.  We
are at war against evil and when we are sleeping on the job and not asking God to protect us and help us fight we
have surrendered to the world.

   God's chosen children need to stop sleeping and start using their power of prayer to activate God's angels.  
They need to put on the armor of God and fight Satan and the evil he has the power to inflict upon men.  When we
aren't fighting for good then evil is given permission to dominate the world.

   The Angels eagerly gathered together to fight.  They no longer had to wait upon the call of God's chosen
people.  Now they had the authority from God to stop evil in the world.  They no longer had to restrain their will to
fight against Satan and all people who choose evil over good.  The End has Come!

   Unfortunately for the people of the world The time is Now!  Look at all of the deception forced upon all people
through false advertisements!  Look at the climate change!  Look at all the sicknesses of the world!  Look at the
wars that are escalating and leading closer to a nuclear bomb!

   Wake up sleepers and start preparing for the end!