The Wonders of the Lord
By Linda C Dipman
    Look at the ocean in all of its glory!  On any given day the colors of the blue changes.  Its white foam swirls and
churns producing glorious ripples and peaceful glimpses of imagined mystical creatures under its clear blue crystal
waters.  As the waters spread, a rainbow of color enables all people of the world to bask in its warmth and jump for joy
at all of the recreation it can produce.

    The oceans immensity spreads throughout the entire world separating continents and setting boundaries for
countries.  It fortifies the nations with a rich harvest of food.  Never ending, always filling its brim with variety and
wonders that take oceanographers seeking for yet another unknown species waiting to be discovered.

    Job 38: 8-11 "Who closed the gates to hold back the sea when it burst from the womb of the earth?  It was I who
covered the sea with clouds and wrapped it in darkness.  I marked a boundary for the sea and kept it behind bolted
gates.  I told it, 'So far and no farther!  Here your powerful waves must stop."

    Dams have been built and bridges have been constructed to harness the ocean.  Yet each are easily destroyed by
the pounding of the waves and the strength of a hurricane storm.  But nothing can disrupt the Almighty God's shore of
sand that fortifies and preserves it's land unaffected by the ferocious storms that devastate every manmade structure.

    Jeremiah 5: 22, "I am the Lord; why don't you fear me?  Why don't you tremble before me?  I placed the sand as the
boundary of  the sea, a permanent boundary that it cannot cross.  The sea may toss, but it cannot go beyond it; the
waves may roar, but they cannot break through."

    We have become so preoccupied with every day life that we have forgotten the power of God.  We have neglected
our faith and refused to look out at our world and see that it did not just happen out of a big explosion as many
theorist's have perceived.

    It had to be formed from a higher intelligence that is separate and above the wisdom of men.  It had to be conceived
by an authority that has knowledge that goes beyond the simple minded constructions that men have been able to
produce.  It has to be an out of this world Being that is so endowed with intelligence on the production of how to take
matter and form it into particles and molecules that have the ability to be more powerful than the strongest metals that
can be manufactured on earth.

    We take the strongest metals and form them into gigantic ships that cross the length and breath of the immense
sea.  We build luxury vessels to transport people from all levels of society for the pleasure of enjoying the splendor of
the ocean and all of its ports of call.  All of our eyes are wide open in wonder to its magnificence. Yet do the people
acknowledge who placed this superb and mighty opulence for all man to see?

    Psalm 89: 9-14, "You rule over the powerful sea; you calm its angry waves.  You crushed the monster Rahab and
killed it; with your mighty strength you defeated your enemies. Heaven is yours, the earth also; you made the world and
everything in it.  You created the north and the south; Mount Tabor and mount Hermon sing to you for joy.  How
powerful you are!  How great is your strength? Your kingdom is founded on righteousness and justice; love and
faithfulness are shown in all you do."

    Understanding the significances of our world should make all people open up their eyes and see that this world is
about more than its impressive magnificence. It was formed for a purpose and without God in our lives we are nothing.  
We have lost our purpose and the world has made us its slave.

    In order to understand why we are here we must believe in more than ourselves.  We must believe in a higher
power.  We must have faith that our lives have a purpose that far succeeds our present day existence.  We must place
our trust in God.

    Every fiber of our being must gravitate towards the goal for our lives. We must see our need for God and reach out
to Him.  Realizing His greatness, will inspire our lives and produce in us the gifts that the Spirit of God has prepared for
us to receive.  Gifts that will be attained giving us joy when we should be weeping; love when we should hate; peace in
the face of persecution; patience when we just lost everything we had, and understanding that is beyond this world's
ability to give.

    Knowing God is to be empowered with the supernatural leading of the Holy Spirit.  A Spirit of truth that tells us which
path we are to take.  A Spirit of knowledge that is greater than man's wisdom.  A Spirit that manifolds its presence into
our every day lives to inspire and guide us to become Son's of the Most High God!

    The ocean and its wonders provide a testimony to all those who are looking for answers in their lives.  It takes all
lives and points to the reality of a greater significance that cannot be perceived through what we achieve in this world.  
It can only be attained through faith in a powerful unseen God.

    Our world is a destiny preordained to teach people what is really valuable.  It teaches us concepts of how to be
better people through what we learn by the experiences we face in our lives.  It teaches us to care because of what we
suffered.  It teaches us to respond to those in need, because we know how it feels to be in need.

    Everything we go through in our lives is a quest to knowledge that is more than the physical and concrete, it is a
spiritual understanding that can only be achieved through tests.  Tests that change our thinking and guide us to a
great awakening that is meant to make us more compassionate and loving to those less fortunate than us.

    Open your eyes and you will see great and powerful things that you never imagined.  You will understand how a
grain of sand is more powerful than the strongest metal on earth.  Sand can hold back the sea!  If you are really wise
you would understand that in earth's wisdom this is not possible, yet in God's wisdom all things are possible.

    Make God a priority in your life and the world will come alive with wonder.  A wonder that will fill your soul with the
nourishment that it longs to receive.  A food once eaten will make your heart sing because now you see,  "The
Wonders of The Lord".