Why Are Twenty Million People Depressed In The United States?
By Linda C Dipman

   Twenty million people are depressed in the United States alone! Many have lost hope not only in
themselves, but in the American Dream. Thoughts of suicide fill their days because of the dread of living
yet another day of unhappiness.

   Why is this happening? Why are people melting away under clouds of hopelessness and fear? Why
are they feeling rejected and despised? Why does all the depression medicine in the world seem to be
unable to give these people relief?

   What if our world was a game? What if depression and all suffering was brought on by our failure to
understand the rules of how to engage in this life game and win? If this is the case, then not being
aware that we are in a battle is not understanding how to fight!

   Now lets look at this world as if it were a game. As human beings we think about everything. We use
our brain in life, school, work, and of course play.

   If we are in a huge multifaceted game, then shouldn't our brain be the very center of play? This is
where an anomaly is born. Scientist's have said that as human beings we only use 10 percent of our
brains. If this is true, what is the purpose of the other 90 percent?

   Our brain is our navigation center. While our physical world needs just 10 percent of our brain, our
life game needs the other 90 percent to aid us in navigating through this world.

   Our brain is where we struggle with opposing forces of good and evil. This is where Reason is stored.
Reason that gives clear definitions between what is love and what is hate. This is the explanation of why
this area of our brain exists.

   We must believe in God or we must believe in Satan. God is love and helps us by giving us the
information we need in order to win our life game. While Satan is the great deceiver, who wants to draw
us into temptations that are meant to defeat us and trap us.

   Sin is the ultimate evil. Sin is not knowing God. Sin defeats God's plan for our lives. The world is the
playing field and when we give ourselves to the world then we give ourselves to Satan. Satan is the god
of this world and he wants us to fail to achieve God's goals for our lives.

   The Spirit world is the unseen world that functions primarily in our head. Our Spirit guide actively
pursues our thoughts and reveals our motives for the things we do in this world.

   To be on God's side is to listen to the voice that tells us to care about other people. The voice that
inspires us to love our families and to care about people who are suffering in the world.

   To be on the side of Satan is to listen to the voice that demands that we give into the evil passions of
this world. The voice that makes us over indulge in alcohol, drugs, and sexual sins of all kinds that are
meant to hurt and control other people.

   Our third voice is our human desires that direct us to pursue life goals that are found in power,
possessions and wealth. It is our human voice of Reason that listens to the spirit world and chooses
which side it will follow.

   Love gives a person strength and directs them down paths of revelation, while hate makes a person
just think of themselves. Love gives our lives purpose because we desire to do good. Hate tells us to
take advantage of our fellowman and to do whatever it takes to get what we want.

   Depression stops us in our tracks and is a tool used by Satan to keep us from loving and caring.
Depression deceives us into thinking that we can't win.

   Depression separates us from God. As a result it causes a condition called "Separation Anxiety" that
is meant to keep us in the world and away from God.

   Separation Anxiety is the result of us trying to win our game of life in the dark. It is a blindness that
stops us from coming to a full knowledge of our purpose when we have God in our lives. It is the root
cause of depression.

   To see our world as a complex game is to understand the 90 percent of our brain that scientists have
yet to figure out. We must acknowledge the spiritual voices of good and evil and control how we listen to

   We must come to revelations about the function of our brain and learn to listen to the voice of God.
We must allow God to direct our lives and use the Bible as a tool to lead us to truth.

   Truth is being aware of the game of life and the revelation that depression is a demon that is sent to
defeat us by Satan. We must cling to God and allow love to influence our thinking so we can win the
greatest Game of them all. The Game of Life It's Almost Over!