Why Does Cancer Kill People
By Linda C Dipman

   I was at Wal-Mart with my one and a half year old granddaughter and her two and a half year old brother.  Without
any warning my granddaughter started smiling and waving while saying hello to everyone we walked passed.  No one
seemed to notice her eager greetings, as if her little welcoming voice wasn't enough to pull them out of their busy

   I smiled at her enthusiasm and warm welcome to the people around us.  I thought about how different our world
would be if all of us could express our joy like a little child.  A child who was living her life right now without the dismal
clutter human beings carry around on their shoulders.

   In today's society we are constantly bombarded with devastating disasters, disputes that lead to war, and the
reality of serious debilitating diseases.  It consumes us and so we become numb to their existence.  It is not until it
strikes someone we know that we stop what we are doing and think about how fragile life can be.  Sometimes it takes
coming face to face with cancer before we begin to understand that in an instant everything about our world can
come crashing down all around us.

   If God loves people why do some people get life threatening diseases in their twenties?  A cancer that produces
tumors, which eat away at their very life, leaving them in excruciating pain.  A cancer that is fought with every drug
necessary only to leave the person lifeless and crumpled into a swollen empty shell of nothingness.  

   In disbelief friends and relatives who had lost years of communicating with this person suddenly stream into
hospitals to pay their last respect to a near death man.  Questions arise in their minds why him and not me?  

   Death in this world can shake the belief system of a strong healthy man bringing him to his knees as to why this
would happen to his  best friend.  It can have an irreversible effect on mothers and fathers who see a once vibrant
and strong son die leaving them behind instead of the other way around.  It has an impact that makes a person stop
what they are doing and reflect on why they were born into this world in the first place!

   If the only reason for our being is to raise a family and live a good life then why do people die young?  A wasted
life, where a person was taken so young that he never experienced fatherhood, can shock our senses and make us
look to God for answers.  

   In our desire to find answers to life's hard questions we search for a relationship with the invisible God.  Searching
for the unseen is as great a mystery as understanding why we live on earth where there are so many bad things that
can destroy people's lives.  Why are we here?  Why did my friend die of cancer?  If there is a God, why would He
allow my son to die so young?

   In the beginning our world was once perfect without pain or fear, but everything changed when Adam and Eve
were deceived by Satan.  Satan persuaded them to desire the knowledge between good and bad.  Immediately,
Adam and Eve were cast out of the perfect garden of Eden in order to be tested in ways that would allow them to
understand why God's way is better than Satan's way.

   Their actions were the start of a different world composed of opposites.  A world where we became the players in
the world game of life.  A life game that demanded that we make choices from the testing we experienced through
real life situations for either good or evil.  

   Because evil was allowed into the world child baring became hard, but the desire for sex became heightened in
order to assure the creation of life.  This is the reason why marriage became necessary in order to establish strong
families that would teach their children about God.  This also is the reason why sex was perverted and how it opened
our eyes to the evils of rape, incest and adultery.

   Another thing that happened was the land became cursed and food no longer just appeared, now Adam had to
cultivate the land and pull the weeds.  This made man develop technologies that lead to building civilizations and
establishing cultures dividing the world into opposing countries.  Continents came into being and as a result
civilizations fought each other over land.

   Cain killed Abel to show us how evil murder was.  Because a man could kill another man, wars sprang up teaching
men the difference between godly societies and evil countries.  Laws formed giving us instructions on how to govern
and live with each other in peace.

   Genesis 4:25&26, "Adam and his wife had another son.  She said, 'God has given me a son to replace Abel,
whom Cain killed.'  So she named him Seth.  Seth had a son whom he named Enosh.  It was then that people began
using the Lord’s holy name in worship."

   From the moment of the murder, Cain became Satan's pawn for evil as if he were on an invisible chess board.  A
chess board where the opposing force was Seth who chose to fight for God and good.  Looking at our world as a
game opens our eyes to human suffering.  Human death shows us how great the stakes are when we are in a world
game and how each life has a purpose that is greater than the seen.

   Being made with freewill gives us the ability to make choices in the game of life.   Acknowledging God versus
Satan, opens our lives to the invisible world of angels that navigate us through life's dramas so we might gain
revelations over good versus bad.

    Genesis 28: 12, "He dreamed that he saw a stairway reaching from earth to heaven, with angels going up and
coming down on it."

   Everything about life shows us why bad things happen to people.  There must be disease in order to teach us that
it is bad.  There must be factions fighting against each other so we can understand why war is evil.  In order to gain
revelation we must be faced with tests that open our eyes to the real purpose behind our world and why God gave
us life in an corrupt world.

   A young man or woman dies of cancer in order for others to gain a revelation they would not have understood.  It
inspires people to fight for causes that lead to breast cancer awareness and regular exams in order to fight the
disease.  It challenges young and old to donate time and money to foundations that invent cancer fighting drugs and
new technologies.  It directs people to build hospitals that are established to fight against evil diseases that attack

   Because some good people give their lives in the fight against cancer other people are saved.  When you live in a
world that is filled with so much evil you must have God on your side in order to win your game of life.  God is love
and He is the author of everything that is good.  God did not invent cancer, Satan did!

   God inspires people to fight against disease by becoming doctors and spiritual healers.  He builds societies that
give human beings rights to a good life.  He brings order through establishing democracies in a world that is in
chaos, because He loves people.

   Satan wants to destroy a person's life.  He infiltrates the world with sickness and disease in order to destroy lives.  
He inspires wars in evil countries.  He is the author of everything that hurts people.

   Understanding the purpose behind our world teaches us to love our friends and family members that are sick. It
fills us with compassion and gives our lives purpose.  Noticing the smiles of a small child can ease the burden of the
challenges we face in life and give us a welcome relief.

   Jesus came to the world to save people.  He came to heal the sick and feed the hungry.  He came to show people
that love comes through peace.

   No one can come to God unless he comes like a little child.  For to know God is to believe without seeing.  It is to
love without knowing.  It is to give without receiving anything in return.  The wave and greeting of a small child is a
bright light for a dark world.