Why Do People Say What They Don’t Mean?
By Linda C Dipman

   Mel Gibson offended many people by his anti-semantic words when he was under the influence of
alcohol. In order to understand why he said, what he did, we must look not only at his life, but what makes
up our human consciousness.

   We live in a multifaceted world. As a result our human brain is very complex. How we think and what we
think about influences how we interpret our world. But more importantly what we put into our minds is often
what comes out of our mouths.

   As little children we interpret our world by the way our parents react to the world. We see our world
through our friends, school and society.

   We develop our opinions from taking in all of this information and by storing it up to be drawn upon in
the future. A future that allows us to use our gained knowledge from our experiences we face in this world.

   The way man thinks is explored through the profession of psychiatry. How our brain works has been
defined through the medical and scientific community. But now I come to you with the spiritual definition of
the human psyche.

   As human beings God has equipped us with three voices. One is our human inner voice of reason.
Another is God's voice and the third is the voice of evil. All these voices lead us down different paths of life
that mold us into the kind of people we are today.

   Understanding why we think the way we do helps us to control how we communicate these thoughts.
More importantly it illustrates to us why we must not over indulge in alcohol or any kind of mind altering

   James 1:19-21, "Remember this, my dear brothers! Everyone must be quick to listen, but slow to speak
and slow to become angry. Man's anger does not achieve God's righteous purpose. So get rid of every
filthy habit and all wicked conduct. Submit to God and accept the word that he plants in your hearts, which
is able to save you."

   It is a known fact that Mel's father is anti-Semitic. It is also a fact that Hollywood is made up of a majority
of Jewish producers, directors, and actors and of course there would be outrage at any words spoken
against the Jews.

   During the making and producing of the film about Jesus' crucifixion they were his biggest critics sighting
that the film was filled with anti-Semitic scenes. Even though the film illustrated the actions taken by the
Jews the film also showed that Jesus was also Jewish.

   To find any fault in a film that is projecting the sacrificial death of the Messiah would of course bring
controversy. Satan is the God of this world and he fights against any movie that brings revelation.

   Alcohol in excess can give voice to any demon influence we hear within our beings. From words that
were spoken to us during our childhood to anyone that criticizes us for a movie about Christ. The book of
James explains that in order to do the will of God we must get rid of every filthy habit and all wicked
conduct. We are not to give into our anger.

   Allowing ourselves to be intoxicated through alcohol or drugs can prevent us from being in control of
these voices. When we are under the influence then the voices of evil are in control of us.

   You can talk to anyone in the over crowded prisons today. All will tell you it was not them who committed
the crime. It was the alcohol or drugs.

   Mel Gibson confessed that he was an alcoholic. That for years he struggled with this demon. It should
come as no surprise that Satan used this weakness to bring him to his knees and turn all the good he did
through this film into bad.

   Don't be confused we were made to be weak so we would desire good. God is good! And God is
forgiving of those who fail to pass the tests that we face when we are led astray by Satan's evil tricks.

   As Christians we must pray for each other so we will not give into the temptations of this world that
prevent us from following God. And don't think of yourself as better because alcohol is not a temptation for
you. I guarantee it that Satan is very much aware of what your weakness is in this world and he is more
than capable of bringing you to your knees.

   Matthew 16:21-23, "From that time on Jesus began to say plainly to his disciples, 'I must go to Jerusalem
and suffer much from the elders, the chief priests, and the teachers of the Law. I will be put to death, but
three days later I will be raised to life'.

   Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. 'God forbid it, Lord!' He said. 'That must never happen
to you!'

   Jesus turned around and said to Peter, 'Get away from me, Satan! You are an obstacle in my way,
because these thoughts of yours don't come from God, but from man.'"

   Peter was in total control of his mind, yet he didn't understand that his reaction to Jesus' words were the
very thoughts given to him by Satan. Peter was trained through the synagogues that the Messiah would
come as a warrior. He couldn't comprehend how Jesus could be a sacrifice.

   The whole Jewish nation wanted a King that would rescue them from the cruel bondage of the Roman
government. They wanted freedom and to have their Messiah come as a servant would have made any
nation of people rebel against God's will for Jesus' life.

   God's purpose was to bring all people to Him! God wanted Jesus to die for our sins so we would have an
easier way to pass the tests of this world.

   God gave us His Son so we would have the revelations that are brought on by the indwelling of the Holy
Spirit. A Spirit that would teach us on the inside how to hear from Him.

   Knowing what voice to listen to helps us to do the will of God and not the will of Satan or man.

   We must not give into the excessive alcohol consumption or mind altering drugs! We must be clear
minded so we won't give into anger and say things we don't mean.