Why Would A Loving God Allow Christians to Suffer With Cancer
By Linda C Dipman

     I was mortified as a father described the horrifying details of his daughters cancer.  He stopped by my
upholstery shop after a 14 hour work day to purchase a piece of foam.  Out of his mouth he spoke of the cancer
that consumed his twelve year old daughter.  During the fight for her life she lost her left eye, her left breast, both
ovaries and her uterus.  He explained that he worked all of the time in order to pay for the chemotherapy. His wife
stopped working so she could stay by their child's side refusing to leave their house for fear of what would happen
to their daughter next.

    The man that stood before me looked exhausted, and almost defeated.  The description of his daughter sent
chills through my body as I realized just how horrible a disease cancer can become.  A quickening in my heart
opened my mind to the revelation that he was describing the slow, painful, death of his beloved child.  Without
hesitation and a renewed sense of determination he stated, "I believe in God!"

    The statistics of this ferrous cancerous disease is mind bobbling.  A million and a half people every year come
down with cancer.  Thirty percent diagnosed are people who choose to smoke.   Currently there are tens of
millions of people suffering and even more millions of people dealing with the pain of watching a family member
slowly die an agonizing death from this horrible disease.

    Cancer does not discriminate, it attacks everyone from new born babies to elderly adults.  The chances are, if
you are over seventy years of age, you will eventually die from some form of cancer.  This is the reality of this
disease.  It is a truth that makes all people question "Why Would a Loving God Allow Christians to Suffer With

    Doctors, parents and society will do anything to fight against cancer through research, cancer awareness
programs, and through regular checkups to catch the disease before it can spread.  From new medications to
operations that remove the disease have been improved, but still the disease is ranked as one of the number one
killers of people.  

    Why has cancer gripped so tightly to the human race?  If doctors and medicine can't protect us from the
disease, then what can?  When the epidemic of cancer is so wide spread, who will be next?  If God loves people
then why would he allow Cancer?

    All of these questions can only be answered when we look at the purpose of our world.  Why are we here in the
first place?  If all we are here for is to suffer and endure pain then I want out of this world, now!

    Many Christians, all over the world, look full into the face of the devil cancer and feel helpless and scared.  
They are filled with fear and dread as they wonder how they will overcome such a terrible disease.

    It is very important as we face hard tests in life that we understand why we must stand our ground and fight!  
Jesus came to save people by teaching them lessons on spiritual warfare. When you are a Christian you are
different from those who don't have Jesus in their lives.  Jesus opens our eyes and gives us battle plans so we will
face all obstacles with faith.

    Matthew 10: 34, "Do you think that I came to bring peace to the world.  No, I did not come to bring peace, but a

    We as Christians must be prepared to fight for our lives.  We must hold onto the principles of God and
understand that our biggest enemy is Satan.  Satan is the god of this world and his goal is to destroy the lives of
good people.  When we are aware of whom we are fighting then we must get our shields of faith up and fight!

    We live in a world where we must learn the difference between right and wrong.  In order to understand right
from wrong we must be presented with opposites:  good health and disease, war and peace, love and hate, and
clearly the difference between God and Satan.  

    Most people, when they are in the throws of facing a deadly disease, blame God and hate Him for allowing
them to get this disease.  They don't take responsibility for smoking cigarettes that gave them lung cancer.  They
don't think about how they don't read their Bibles, go to church, or pray.  All they can think about is finding
someone greater than themselves to blame.

    God did not create cancer!  God is love!  He loves people and wants the best for their lives.  Unfortunately,
when you turn away from God you take away your ability to fight.

    2 Kings 17: 25-28, "When they first settled there, they did not worship the Lord, and so he sent lions, which
killed some of them.  The emperor of Assyria was told that the people he settled in the cities of Samaria did not
know the law of the god of that land, and so the god had sent lions, which were killing them.  So the emperor
commanded: 'Send back one of the priests we brought as prisoners; have him go back and live there, in order to
teach the people the law of the god of that land.' So an Israelite priest who had been deported from Samaria went
and lived in Bethel, where he taught the people how to worship the Lord."

    When you don't understand why you need God, then you lose your fight against anything that wants to destroy
your life.  Satan is the god of this world and when we do nothing to prevent him from hurting us then evil reigns
supreme.  This simple illustration of how lions were killing people shows how our lives can be filled with chaos if we
don't have God on our side.

    Jesus came to teach people how to fight.  We must activate our faith in God by prayer and Bible study.  Pray
the Lord's Prayer.  Pray for protection from Satan.  Pray for strength during your fight and ask for the Lord’s will to
be done.  When you know what you are suppose to do in order to fight against the evil that wants to destroy your
life, then you have a battle plan.

    Romans 12: 12, "Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times."

    God loves you.  Fear is Satan coming in to corrupt your thinking and to separate you from activating the power
of God.  God conquers all evil.  Believe in Miracles.  Believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior and you will be saved.  
Believe in the saving power of grace and how God forgives you the wrongs of your past.  

    Our world is filled with traps and temptations that lead us astray from God.  But with Christ you can do
anything.  You can endure cancer with victory when you place your faith in Jesus.  God loves people and He is
right by your side during every procedure you endure when you are fighting for your life against cancer. When
you are in the throws of cancer, He will give you joy.  Joy that he allowed you worthy to suffer for His sake.  Joy
that assures you that you are His witness to doctors, nurses, friends, and all people who come into contact with
you that Satan may be able to kill your body, but he can't destroy your faith in God.  

     Everything we endure in this world is meant to teach us the difference between good and bad.  When we have
this knowledge then we know with certainty how to fight against Satan.  Pray for protection from Satan.  Be positive
while giving encouragement to those who are suffering with cancer.  

    You are a light to the world.  A light that can only shine when you are going through the fire of testing.  Tests
reveal what a person is like in their heart!  Tests when they are over will give you the power to witness to others of
what you can overcome when you have Jesus in your life.  Tests show us that we are more powerful than the god
of this world.

    The statistics are staggering of how many people are suffering from cancer in our world today.  But with God’s
help you can overcome the world.  With Jesus on your side you can walk down whatever path you must travel with
confidence that you can do it!  God loves people and He will never let you down.  Trust in God and you will win
your game of life.